Tatra-Yug has signed a contract for the supply of 10 trams for Kyiv

On December 18, 2018 LLC “Tatra-Yug” and ME “Kyivpastrans”have signed a contract for the production and supply of 10 tramcars.
Trams of the model K1M6 are modern and comfortable cars for any passenger`s needs.
Tramcars will be equipped with air conditioner, places for passengers with limited mobility, will have autonomous course. Trams are designed for operation in unsatisfactory condition of the rail track.
We urge cities to promote public transport, to make it convenient, comfortable and safe, updating the tram rolling stock.

On November 25 the celebration of 25 years anniversary of Tatra-Yug’s production!


Friends, the Ukrainian trambuilding is 25 years old! Back in 1993, Mr. Kerdivara, the company’s general director, together with the largest tramcar manufacturer in the world, ČKD Tatra (Czech Republic), founded on the basis of the Yuzhmash Plant, named after A.M. Makarova (Dnepr), a unique production site for the construction and manufacturing of Ukrainian trams.

Thanks to the production of Tatra-Yug Ukraine entered the top ten countries with a full cycle of production of tramcars.

The organization of the production process according to the requirements of the European partner, a yearlong education and training of specialists, the preparation of the technical base, the adaptation of the design documentation – were the first steps of the Ukrainian tram building 25 years ago.

Today Tatra-Yug is a successful fully Ukrainian enterprise, which provides high-quality products to many cities in Ukraine and works on export contracts. About 250 Ukrainian companies are involved in the production process, due to which localization of products is up to 95%. During this time, the construction bureau has developed 8 types of trams for any consumer needs and any features of the city.

Tatra-Yug team consists of professionals, talented designers, experienced engineers and responsible managers. We rejoice to celebrate a quarter of a century with you and that Ukraine can be proud of the Tatra-Yug trams.

K1M6 was successfully tested

Dear Friends, as you know, since September of this year, one of our new trams was tested in the city of Kamianske. Last week K1M6 successfully completed all tests, inspections and exploitation trials, as evidenced by the positive conclusion of the independent testing commission. All inspections on the tram tracks of the city took more than two months. We deliberately have chosen a location with a poor state of the rail tracks in order to demonstrate the possibility of exploiting the new model in difficult conditions. The test is conducted perfectly in accordance with all requirements of the State Standards of Ukraine. Running daily on extremely bad tracks, the tram passed all the radius curves of turns with working speed, the noise level in comparison with other analogues is much lower, and, finally, the appearance of the car pleasantly surprised the inhabitants of the city. The Mayor of the city of Kamianske , having got acquainted with the new car, highly appreciated its quality and comfort.





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