ME “Mykolayivelektrotrans”

At the municipal enterprise “Mykolayivelektrotrans” operated 9 trams produced by enterprise “Tatra-Yug”. During operation in our city, and this is from 10 to 15 years, we noted the positive qualities of these trams, namely:

  • comfort and interior cab;
  • electronic management of the traction motors, allowing economical use of electricity, to a smooth increase in speed and braking carriage;
  • a system of protection against slipping wheels and skid mode tramcar in motion;
  • when one undercarriage fails, the scheme involves the movement of the train depot without downtime;
  • to quickly detect faults in the equipment of tramcar there is a system monitoring and diagnostics units and units displaying information;
  • for passengers provided placards indicating the rout;
  • to ensure safety during shunting operations set a second control panel in the back area;
  • wipers;
  • energy recovery system in a contact network;
  • disk brakes;
  • electrodynamic moderator.


Considering the information above, we believe that trams manufactured by “Tatra-Yug” are among the best for use on routes of the city.

Chief Engineer
Konstantin Chmyr