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We have achieved 95% localization of production and provide jobs for people at more than 250 enterprises in Ukraine.

Due to the complete cycle of production in Ukraine - our tramcars much cheaper than their counterparts.

We use a unique system for collecting operational data on the work of our products and the wishes of customers, to constantly improve the advantages and quality of our products.

The high quality of our products is confirmed by international certificates.

We produce trams for over 20 years, we are the ideological followers of the Czech company "CKD Tatra", which is engaged in production of trams in 1927.

"Tatra-Yug" trams are being successfully operated in 22 cities of Ukraine and their trouble-free operation is confirmed by all the operational organization.

We provide flexible conditions to our customers, both in terms of design and technical specifications, as well as under contractual provisions.

Our tramcars consume 46% less electricity than their counterparts.

«Tatra-Yug» company

For many years, Tatra-Yug has been one of the leaders among tram manufacturers in Eastern Europe, being an ideological follower of CKD Tatra, with a full production cycle, located in Ukraine.
For over 25 years of experience in the market, our products have proven their high comfort, economy and quality.
Tatra-Yug produces modern trams, which, according to their technical, ergonomic parameters and design, in combination with a high life cycle and a guarantee of quality, comply with international standards. Moreover, our trams are most cost-effective solution for cities, combining high reliability and competitive price. Products are also adapted for difficult operating conditions.
Tatra- Yug offers the construction of tram and LRV systems as “turnkey” project – from the design to the launch of tramcars.

Our products

In general, due to the acquisition of new trams K-1, ME “Odesmiskelectrotrans” could improve the quality of services in passenger transportation, as well as reduce the number of exclusion of the rolling stock for technical reasons.

Director of ME “Odesmiskelectrotrans” Dmytro Zheman
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Latest news

In the city of Alexandria in Egypt, the first stage of the project for the supply of 15 new tramcars was completed.

feb 27 , 2015

In the city of Alexandria in Egypt, the first stage of the project for the supply of 15 new tram cars was completed. At the moment, all 8 cars of Tatra-Yug production are on the line and are successfully transporting passengers of one of the oldest tram systems in the world. New trams are operated […]

Tatra-Yug takes part in the Africa Rail 2019 exhibition and conference, which will held June 19-20 in Johannesburg (South Africa).

jun 14 , 2015

Dear Colleagues, Tatra-Yug takes part in the Africa Rail 2019 exhibition and conference, which will be held on 19-20 of June in Johannesburg (South Africa). We invite you to visit our booth B8 in the Ballroom Level 2 at the Sandton Convention Center. We are represented on the joint stand of Ukrainian manufacturers with the participation of the Export Promotion Office […]

World cities experience

New Zealand

feb 24 , 2015

The government is implementing ambitious plans for the sustainable development of public transport in the country. For the period to 1999/2000 passenger traffic volume grew by almost 50%.


feb 10 , 2015

Due to the rapid population growth and quickly built-up vast territories, to 2020 is expected to quadruple the demand for mobility of up to 22 million trips daily.