The tramcar was designed for the city of Alexandria (Egypt), in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Finished system is eco-friendly and does not require high operational costs. The vehicle consists of two sections connected by a flexible gangway with turning floor. The vehicle is suitable for operation under severe operating conditions. The car is also equipped with an advanced HVAC system at the driver’s cabin and at the passenger salon.


Main technical data

Number of sections 2
Number of bogies 3
Length 22 000 mm
Width 2 200 mm
Height of floor above TOR 900 mm
Center-to-center distance inter bogies 6 400 mm
Bogie axle base 1 900 mm
Wheels diameter 700 mm
Track gauge 1 435 mm
Maximum speed 75 km/h
Maximum load per axle 8 000 kg
Nominal current supply 550 V
Low voltage 24 V
Power of traction motors 65х6 kW
Number of passengers seated/total 30/206 pass.

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