The tramcar K-1E6 was designed and manufactured in accordance with individual requirements of the buyer – all requests were taken into account. It is a high-floor tramcar, which consists of two sections, jointed by a swivel bellow, with three bogies and three double doors. The tram uses asynchronous traction drive with vector control, which provides efficient usage of energy, ensuring highly smooth running. The bogie of the tram has efficient and smart design and is equipped with a two-stage suspension.

There are 30 passenger seats inside the salon, which are organized in accordance with the 1+1 scheme. This layout of seats provides comfortable movement of passengers inside the salon. The total capacity of the tramcar is 206 passengers. Lighting is realized with LED lamps. The spacious interior creates a maximally comfortable atmosphere for passengers. The main operational brake is electrodynamic by which, due to the recuperation process, energy recovers to the contact network, reducing costs of electricity for the buyer.

Main technical data

Number of sections 2
Number of bogies 3
Length 22 000 mm
Width 2 200 mm
Height of floor above TOR 900 mm
Center-to-center distance inter bogies 6 400 mm
Bogie axle base 1 900 mm
Wheels diameter 700 mm
Track gauge 1 435 mm
Maximum speed 75 km/h
Maximum load per axle 8 000 kg
Nominal current supply 550 V
Low voltage 24 V
Power of traction motors 65х6 kW
Number of passengers seated/total 30/206 pass.

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