First Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine liked the production of the trams “Tatra-Yug”

On August 21, First Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Shulmeyster visited the production facilities of the company “Tatra-Yug”, which are located in the “Southern Machine-Building Plant named after Makarov”, where he got acquainted with the process of creating of Ukrainian trams.image1

Deputy Minister paid a visit to Dnipropetrovsk for a detailed examination of the situation on the domestic enterprise, which produces fully Ukrainian trams.

“Tatra-Yug” Ltd. is specialized in the production of tramcars. Today the enterprise has developed 5 types of trams, including 1-, 3- and 5-sectional, production of which is mastered. Production complies with the international standards, as evidenced the company assigned by the international quality certificate of ISO-9001: 2008.

The enterprise includes: own design office, testing and control station and other units, allowing to ensure the high quality of the tramcars. The company employs highly qualified specialists, most of whom have work experience directly related to the production of trams, more than 10 years.


Production capacity at one-shift operation allow to produce more than 100 tram cars a year. The implementation of this output will create an additional 5,500 jobs for the entire process chain, from the suppliers of materials, components and services for the construction of the final product. The amount of use of domestic materials and components is up to 90%. At the same time the company settled the question of increasing the degree of localization of production up to 95% due to import substitution.

By the manufacturing process trams “Tatra-Yug” attracted about 100 enterprises of Ukraine. Among them are the largest suppliers of components and materials.

Tram company “Tatra-Yug” operated in all 22 cities of Ukraine, where there is this kind of municipal electric transport. During the 23 years of its operation, the company has proven the high quality of its tramcars. The operating companies are noting the reliability and high adaptability of the tramcars “Tatra-Yug” to the difficult domestic conditions of using.

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In autumn this year, the company “Tatra-Yug” scheduled presentation of a new model of tram K-1M6 with 70% low floor.

The enterprise and products in various stages of readiness has been demonstrated to the Deputy of the Minister Volodymyr Shulmeyster. Particular attention was paid to the presentation of the new model, which is already in the near future will be able to run on the streets of Ukrainian cities. Upon completion of the inspection of production Volodymyr Shulmeyster discussed the support of domestic mechanical engineering with the company “Tatra-Yug”.

After the meeting, Deputy Minister talked with journalists and shared with them his impressions: “We looked at the production, I liked it. I do like it when the production is local. So I always approve the programs of support of local producers. After all, it is the salary of our people, invest in our economy, the growth of GDP”.

“We discussed the current situation with the budget program, which today is. 100 million UAH this year budgeted to maintain the Ukrainian tram producing. This is to ensure that our streets will have new trams. The fact that the park of electric transport is very much worn morally and technically. In the coming years it is necessary to change the order of 5,000 units of the electric public transport. Therefore, the company “Tatra-Yug” has a great future “, – said Volodymyr Shulmeyster.