Tatra-Yug takes part in the Africa Rail 2019 exhibition and conference, which will held June 19-20 in Johannesburg (South Africa).

pablo(60)Dear Colleagues,
Tatra-Yug takes part in the Africa Rail 2019 exhibition and conference, which will be held on 19-20 of June in Johannesburg (South Africa).
We invite you to visit our booth B8 in the Ballroom Level 2 at the Sandton Convention Center. We are represented on the joint stand of Ukrainian manufacturers with the participation of the Export Promotion Office of Ukraine.
At the moment Tatra-Yug tramcars are successfully operated in Egypt, we are also considering the possibility of participating in the turnkey project of a tram system in one of the African countries. We are convinced that tramcars and LRTs are the only way to solve transport problems in African cities. Looking forward to see you in Johannesburg.

Tatra-Yug has signed a contract for the supply of 10 trams for Kyiv

On December 18, 2018 LLC “Tatra-Yug” and ME “Kyivpastrans”have signed a contract for the production and supply of 10 tramcars.
Trams of the model K1M6 are modern and comfortable cars for any passenger`s needs.
Tramcars will be equipped with air conditioner, places for passengers with limited mobility, will have autonomous course. Trams are designed for operation in unsatisfactory condition of the rail track.
We urge cities to promote public transport, to make it convenient, comfortable and safe, updating the tram rolling stock.

K1M6 was successfully tested

Dear Friends, as you know, since September of this year, one of our new trams was tested in the city of Kamianske. Last week K1M6 successfully completed all tests, inspections and exploitation trials, as evidenced by the positive conclusion of the independent testing commission. All inspections on the tram tracks of the city took more than two months. We deliberately have chosen a location with a poor state of the rail tracks in order to demonstrate the possibility of exploiting the new model in difficult conditions. The test is conducted perfectly in accordance with all requirements of the State Standards of Ukraine. Running daily on extremely bad tracks, the tram passed all the radius curves of turns with working speed, the noise level in comparison with other analogues is much lower, and, finally, the appearance of the car pleasantly surprised the inhabitants of the city. The Mayor of the city of Kamianske , having got acquainted with the new car, highly appreciated its quality and comfort.





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