The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine has considered the appeal of “Tatra-Yug”

On June 22 ME “Kyivpastrans” has held tender for purchase of 7 trams. For this meant the volume of budget financing in the amount of 240 mln. UAH. The evaluation of proposals was carried out on the basis of a single criterion – the price. According to the specifications, “Kyivpastrans” is going to buy cars for the broad gauge (1524 mm) and low floor ratio is not less than 35%.


To participate in the tender were filed 3 applications from the company “Tatra-Yug”, JV “Elektrontrans” and PC “Kryukov Wagon Plant”. It is worth noting that among these companies the experience of creating tram cars for the broad gauge has only the company “Tatra-Yug”.

After opening the bids, the price of cars “Tatra-Yug” was the lowest. With years of experience in the production of trams, their successful operation in 22 cities of Ukraine and the full respect of the technical characteristics of products specified requirements, the successful bidder was to be just our company. But external factors intervened.

From the beginning of the tender the media began to publish untrue information about the company’s products, as that proposed tram will be 35% low-floor, that they are not modern, etc. This information does not correspond to reality and aimed at creating a negative image of the only Ukrainian producer of tram cars.

After the pressure exerted by the tender committee has rejected the offer of “Tatra-Yug”, citing absolutely absurd violations allegedly found in the application:

  • fails to appoint a new CEO of “Tatra-Yug” Ltd. after entering a new member (although the new member did not express a desire to change the CEO and he has not such a duty);
  • failure to specify the name and necessary qualification employee education (although the reference is supplied in free form and it suited the customer before);
  • the alleged financial statements of our company does not confirm the financial viability of the company (but it was not taken into account that we already have a huge number of products and components for the assembly of new cars);
  • previous contract with ME “Kievpastras” for the supply of trams in 2011 was not a sufficient proof of the presence of our enterprise experience in similar works (it is difficult to understand and comment on, and the competitors has no experience at all, but this is not taken into account);
  • the customer has asked to specify the technical characteristics of the offered cars and it has been made (but somehow ignored by the customer);
  • the lack of date and numbering in the registry (though claims were not filed to the registry).

It is obvious that the assessment of the application of “Tatra-Yug” was carried out extremely biased. Obvious violations and inconsistencies in the documents of the competitors were not taken into account. And we have been applied to the “special” requirements with the only purpose to reject the application.

The company “Tatra-Yug” took advantage of their legal right and filed a complaint to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, stating that her application had been rejected in violation of the law. August 18 AMC has considered the complaint. As a result, the request “Tatra-Yug” for objective assessment of all the bids was rejected. However, upon reading all the proposals, AMC revealed violations of other members: in the application of one of the compepetitors there were missing documents confirming its qualification, for the second – the characteristics of the proposed tram cars did not meet the technical requirements of the ME “Kyivpastrans.” In this regard, the AMC ordered the Tender Board to cancel the purchase.

The company “Tatra-Yug” urges the responsible authorities not only to declare the fight against corruption and support for domestic producers, but also to implement them in practice. After all, our company is the only manufacturer of fully Ukrainian tramcars. We have reached a degree of localization of over 95%. For the production of trams “Tatra-Yug” attract the best Ukrainian manufacturers of materials and components – in total, almost 100 domestic enterprises. Our company is able to produce 100 tram cars a year, while providing jobs for more than 5,500 people.

In these difficult times, the Ukrainian economy recovery is only possible with the support of domestic producers. The best and the only representative of Ukraine in the sphere of production of trams is just the company “Tatra-Yug”, which is able to provide the city of Kyiv (and other cities of our country) with modern, safe and comfortable trams.