By 2020, growth is expected to increase demand for urban transport from the current 3.9 to 14.3 million trips per day. Because of the limited space of an increase in demand for travel to be largely satisfied with public transport.


Authorities set a goal to increase the share of passenger public transport by 2020 to 70% during peak hours compared to 63% today.

The main ways to achieve this goal – the centralization of bus traffic planning and development of high-speed bus routes, which involves the construction of an additional 140 km of motorways and, accordingly, increasing their total extent in 2020 to 278 km.

Another goal – to achieve a reduction of time travel: today, 70% of all trips are stacked for the duration of 1 hour, and by 2020 it is planned that 85% of all trips will take no longer than 1 hour.

Strategy development of public transport in Singapore is based on demand and performance management use of road space, as well as accounting for different needs and interests (for example, consideration of the interests of low income groups, public participation, etc.).