Public transport helps the planet to “breathe free”

Since the beginning of the 50s of the last century, the demand for energy for transport needs has increased in the world for five times. Transport accounted for 30% of total energy consumption in the EU and about 19% of harmful gas emissions on a global basis. The effect of the introduction of new environmentally friendly technologies simply negated by the increasing number of vehicles and the number of trips. Only the changes in habits and behavior can lead to positive changes in the long term, produce significant results.


  • Harmful gas emissions attributable to the transport sector, widely grow much faster than in other sectors of the economy. The share of transport currently accounts for 74% of all transport emissions.
  • Considering the average life of a vehicle, it is difficult to expect that until 2040 the emergence of cleaner fuels and new types of vehicles will bring any significant changes.
  • In the fight against energy inefficiency, environmental pollution and climate change, the adoption of development strategies based on the priority of public transport means is more efficient than the search for a purely technological solutions.