New model of tram car – K1M6. This modern low-floor tram, comfortable to carry up to 267 passengers. Intelligent and spacious interior creates the most comfortable conditions for passengers. The wagon is equipped with seats for wheelchair passengers, for accommodating passengers with disabilities. The tram is equipped with air conditioning in the passenger cabin and driver’s cabin. The car is equipped with a two-stage suspension, has a smart and rational design, ensuring uninterrupted operation with low operating costs.



Number of sections 3
Number of bogies 3
Low floor area ratio 70%
Length 26 800 мм/mm
Width 2 500 мм/mm
Height above TOR 3 500 мм/mm
Low floor section height above TOR 360 мм/mm
Bogie base 8 840 мм/mm
Bogie axle base 1 900 мм/mm
Wheel diameter 700 мм/mm
Track gauge 1 524 мм/mm
Maximum speed 75 км/ч/km/h
Max load per axle 8 000 кг/kg
Nominal current supply 550 B/V
Low voltage 24 B/V
Power of traction motors 90 кВт/kW