ME “Odesmiskelectrotrans” from 2006 operates 10 tramcars K-1 on the tram routes of the city.

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CME “Dnipropetrovsk electrotransport”

Tram cars of T-3M, in an amount of 12 units purchased from the company “Tatra-Yug”, successfully operated for the past 19 years and have proved their reliability.

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ME “Mykolayivelektrotrans”

At the municipal enterprise “Mykolayivelektrotrans” operated 9 trams produced by enterprise “Tatra-Yug”. During operation in our city, and this is from 10 to 15 years, we noted the positive qualities of these trams, namely:

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The company “Zaporozhelektrotrans” since 1996 operates trams production of “Tatra-Yug”. During the period of operation of your production tramcars have proven to be very reliable, comfortable, energy-efficient adapted to operate on routes with heavy operating conditions.

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City of Mariupol operates K-1 trams, produced by the company “Tatra-Yug”, since 2006. Municipal enterprise “MTTU” was originally purchased two K-1 tramcars, which have proven themselves as reliable, comfortable, safe, energy-efficient type of transport.

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