The use of tactics “carrot and stick”

Policy impact on the behavior of citizens and measures to actively influence their choice of means of transport should be such as to encourage the maximum use of public transport.

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New Zealand

The government is implementing ambitious plans for the sustainable development of public transport in the country. For the period to 1999/2000 passenger traffic volume grew by almost 50%.

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Ensuring stable funding and investment programs

Diversified revenue, stable funding, improving efficiency and increasing the number of passengers are the four pillars supporting the financial stability of the sector of public transport and to help lessen its dependence on subsidies.

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Due to the rapid population growth and quickly built-up vast territories, to 2020 is expected to quadruple the demand for mobility of up to 22 million trips daily.

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Creating a new business culture

Favorable business environment and a clear legal framework allow public transport to thrive and to be attractive to passengers, investors and employees of transport companies themselves.

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The sharp rise of the urban population and the economy of Beijing accompanied by a rapid increase in the number of private cars (since 2002 the increase amounted to 400 thousand cars per year), which led to the deterioration of traffic conditions.

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Urban transport management in Lagos, founded in 2003, has approved a strategic master plan for urban transport, which provides a very serious increase of transport networks in the city.

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Based on the previous development strategy and the organization of public transport in Bogota, Master Plan provides the installation for the next 20 years and sees the basis of urban mobility system in public transport.

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Development of visionary integrated urban policies

Integrated urban policies optimize the benefits of public transport and allows citizens to lead a more comfortable life in the city.

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The new regional development plan for the Greater Toronto Area, including Hamilton, provides an ambitious change for public transport in the next 25 years. The plan includes the construction of 1,200 km of high-speed rail line, which is more than 3 times the existing network!

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