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The new tram car with 100% low-floor area. Due to a modular type design of a tramcar, a length of the vehicle can be expanded by adding additional sections. Depending on customer’s request, the tramcar can be produced according to individual interior design and technical solutions. The vehicle embodies modern design and advanced digital technologies.  

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The tramcar was designed for the city of Alexandria (Egypt), in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Finished system is eco-friendly and does not require high operational costs. The vehicle consists of two sections connected by a flexible gangway with turning floor. The vehicle is suitable for operation under severe operating conditions. The car […]

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New model of tram car – K-1M6. This modern low-floor tram, comfortable to carry up to 267 passengers. Intelligent and spacious interior creates the most comfortable conditions for passengers. The wagon is equipped with seats for wheelchair passengers, for accommodating passengers with disabilities. The tram is equipped with air conditioning in the passenger cabin and […]

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Three-section single direction tramcar K-1M8 with partially low-floor area. The sections of the car are connected by hinged devices mounted on the undercarriage. In transitions inter sections gangways are installed with turntables. Constructive solutions and technologies used during the manufacturing process of the car, ensure its reliability in operation. The middle section has a low-floor level (360 mm above TOR).   […]

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The car body has steel — welded structure, made of bent profiles with outside steel casing. The body has modern shape and wide windows, providing light exposure of interior and review. The tramcar is equipped with three doors which provide quick and convenient embarkation and disembarkation of passengers. Heating of the passenger’s salon is made with reactive heating elements, located within the […]

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The car body is made of the welded unitary construction, bent profiles with outside steel casing and composite materials. The framework and the body lining are protected against corrosion and coated with noise reduction compound. Wide doorways and low-floor platform in the middle of the car increases the speed of embarkation  and disembarkation of passengers and create a convenient environment for passengers […]

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The unique technology of sectional construction of tramways, which has been certified and has been patented, belongs to “Tatra-Yug”. Together with other enterprises in Ukraine, we have organized the production of all components and carry out the construction of tramways based on this technology.

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