New model of the tram K-1M6. This is modern European tram with low floor that can comfortably carry up to 267 passengers. Specifications Number of sections 3 Number of bogie 3 Low floor area ratio 70% Length 26 800 мм/mm Width 2 500 мм/mm Height above TOR 3 500 мм/mm Low floor section height above […]

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Three-sectioned single direction running Tram K-1M8 with partially low floor level A tramcar sections are jointed by swivel devices assembled on the motion cart. The transitive furs with rotary circles are installed in transitions between the tramcar sections. Constructive decisions and the modern technologies used at manufacturing of the tramcar, provide its reliability in operation.

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The car body has steel — welded structure, made of bent profiles with outside steel casing. The body has modern shape and wide windows, providing light exposure of interior and review. The tramcar is equipped with three doors which provide quick and convenient exit and entrance of the passengers.

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K-1 M Partially low-floor Tram The car body is made oflhe all-metal welded unitary construction, bent profiles with outside steel casing and composite materials. The framework and the body lining are protected on the inside against corrosion and coated with noiserproofing compound. The body has modem shape and wide windows, providing light exposure of interior and review.

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The unique technology of sectional construction of tramways, which has been certified and has been patented, belongs to “Tatra-Yug”. Together with other enterprises in Ukraine, we have organized the production of all components and carry out the construction of tramways based on this technology.

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