By 2020, growth is expected to increase demand for urban transport from the current 3.9 to 14.3 million trips per day. Because of the limited space of an increase in demand for travel to be largely satisfied with public transport.

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The company “Zaporozhelektrotrans” since 1996 operates trams production of “Tatra-Yug”. During the period of operation of your production tramcars have proven to be very reliable, comfortable, energy-efficient adapted to operate on routes with heavy operating conditions.

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The density of public transport in Vienna, 75% higher than the average for the cities of Western Europe, and every year increases by about another 3%.

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At the beginning of the last decade Geneva adopted an ambitious program for the development of public transport. Prior to the adoption of such a program forecast for the development of urban mobility has been disappointing: it shows that in the period from 2006 to 2020 the use of private vehicles were to increase by […]

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City of Mariupol operates K-1 trams, produced by the company “Tatra-Yug”, since 2006. Municipal enterprise “MTTU” was originally purchased two K-1 tramcars, which have proven themselves as reliable, comfortable, safe, energy-efficient type of transport.

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