Mobility is one of the main criteria of efficiency of modern society. There is no city that today could not function properly without the public transport system.

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Public transportation can reduce traffic congestion

Urban space is the property of the entire population of the city and public transportation uses it much more efficiently than the private car. Moving on roads public transport not only carries its passengers – it frees the road space to be able to use it all the inhabitants of the city.

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Since the foundation of the Regional Transportation Authority in 1986, the number of passengers using public transport services in the Madrid region grew by 70%, while the population increased by only 25%.

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Public transport helps the planet to “breathe free”

Since the beginning of the 50s of the last century, the demand for energy for transport needs has increased in the world for five times. Transport accounted for 30% of total energy consumption in the EU and about 19% of harmful gas emissions on a global basis.

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Public transport – the locomotive of the economy

The scale of the current financial and economic crisis shows that it is – a global systemic crisis that requires comprehensive changes in all spheres of economic activity. This is the most opportune moment to encourage changes in society and to abandon the way of life, depending on the vehicle.

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ME “Odesmiskelectrotrans” from 2006 operates 10 tramcars K-1 on the tram routes of the city.

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As part of the long-term development plan for city public transport share of traffic carried in Tehran by bus and subway for the period from 2004 to 2030 will double. The length of the city rail roads in the same time will increase from 180 km to 430 km.

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CME “Dnipropetrovsk electrotransport”

Tram cars of T-3M, in an amount of 12 units purchased from the company “Tatra-Yug”, successfully operated for the past 19 years and have proved their reliability.

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The main objective of the transport strategy of the city of Perth is doubling by 2029 the share of public transport from the current 6% to 12% citywide traffic and increasing the share of public transport in the movement of people in the central business district of the city during the morning peak hours from […]

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ME “Mykolayivelektrotrans”

At the municipal enterprise “Mykolayivelektrotrans” operated 9 trams produced by enterprise “Tatra-Yug”. During operation in our city, and this is from 10 to 15 years, we noted the positive qualities of these trams, namely:

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