Three-sectioned single direction running Tram K-1M8 with partially low floor level

A tramcar sections are jointed by swivel devices assembled on the motion cart. The transitive furs with rotary circles
are installed in transitions between the tramcar sections. Constructive decisions and the modern technologies used
at manufacturing of the tramcar, provide its reliability in operation. The middle section has a low level of a floor (360 mm above a head of a rail).


For quick and convenient exit and entrance of passengers the tramcar is equipped with five doors of a planning design. Lighting of passenger’s room is provided with LED lamps.

The tramcar is equipped with two traction motors of IGBT type. Motion carts have simple and expedient structure.

The car is equipped with the following types of brake:

  • electrodynamics brake;
  • mechanical disk brake;
  • electromagnet rail brake.

The electrodynamics brake is the main operational type of brakes, wich provides recuperation of the electrical power.

Main technical data

Number of sections 3
Length 30 638 мм
Width 2 500 мм
Height of car body above a head of a rail 3 145 мм
Sections base 7 500 мм
Bogie axle base 1 900 мм
Rail-gauge 1 524 мм
Weight of empty car 37,58 т
Maximum speed 75 км/ч
Voltage of high-voltage circuits 550 В
Power of engine 46 кВт
Number of passengers 287 пас.
Low floor area ratio 40%